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We imagine, create and enrich buildings and infrastructure across the UK & Ireland. For over 150 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing lives by creating sustainable environments and communities where people can live, work and thrive.

Our vision is to build a sustainable tomorrow. That’s why we think beyond the build and focus on the bigger impact. It’s how we make the iconic buildings and infrastructure that shape our society.

Restless in our pursuit of better, we work collaboratively with our partners to unlock what’s possible, together. We believe in actions, not words.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make possible.

Project role

BAM are leading the project consortium, drawing upon the experience from Phase 1 of the Red Diesel Replacement Programme and introducing additional capability from the hydrogen sector.

The focus of the project is on a truly end-to-end solution for using hydrogen as part of the fuel solution to power the future construction industry in a more sustainable way, reducing carbon emissions and helping achieve our Net-Zero goals.

We have identified one of our projects, Eastern Green Link 2 (EGL2), to house the hydrogen storage facility and use a converted excavator. Additionally, a flood alleviation project being delivered in Brighouse for the Environment Agency will use a converted excavator that will run on a hybrid of diesel/hydrogen fuels. This second smaller project will be serviced by a hydrogen fuel bowser also developed as part of the project.

Key Person

Name: Colin Evison

Position: Innovation Technical Lead

“This is an exciting opportunity to work within a collaborative consortium to explore and develop a viable fuel solution that will help reduce the impact that the construction industry has on the environment. We see Hydrogen as part of the solution for fuelling our sites in the future to build a sustainable tomorrow.”

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