Project Partner – Reynolds

Reynolds Logistics are a transportation company who are experts at the safe movement of fuels, liquids and gases. We have a driver population of over 300 and sites throughout the UK, including one close to Hull that will support this project.

We are one of the leading companies in our field enabling low carbon fuels to develop. Reynolds are heavily involved in the development of the Hydrogen market infrastructure and are currently providing storage assets and movement of Hydrogen to a number of UK and Irish clients.

Project role

Reynolds Logistics are providing the transportation services to move the compressed gaseous Hydrogen from its production point at GeoPura’s site near Doncaster to the main construction site at Wren Hall in specialised containment units called Multi Element Gas Containers (MEGC’s) that hold the Hydrogen at ~ 350 bar pressure.

We will also be moving and operating the mobile refueller (or Bowser) that ULEMCO are developing for the project to ensure Hydrogen supply at the other satellite sites (Corringham and Brighouse).

Key Person

Name: Andrew Reynolds

Position: Group CEO

“I am proud that Reynold Logistics are associated with this exciting initiative. This is a key project to demonstrate that we can decarbonize the construction sector and will bring some key learnings for us and the sector so we can take this and move to further implementation at other sites.”

Andrew Reynolds
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