Project Partner – BRE

BRE delivers innovative and rigorous products, services, standards and qualifications which are used around the globe to make buildings better for people and for the environment. For a century we have provided government and industry with cutting edge research and testing to make buildings safer and more sustainable.

BRE’s ambition is to be the world’s leading innovation, science and data hub for the built environment. By developing science-led solutions to urgent challenges, we will build a thriving and sustainable world.

Project role

BRE will support BAM in managing and coordinating the project, as BRE’s staff have extensive experience of managing and delivering multi-partner collaborative grant-funded research and development programmes. BRE will also lead on research reviewing the future predicted use of hydrogen within the UK construction industry and the wider UK economy, conducting analysis into whether the supply and demand profiles for hydrogen will match in future.

Additionally, BRE will map the processes within the supply chain and use of hydrogen at the project construction sites and develop the key performance indicators and metrics, to assess the impact of hydrogen-powered vehicles on productivity, the quantification of emissions and end-to-end greenhouse gases, and health, safety and regulatory issues.

Constructing Excellence will undertake overall project dissemination and engagement.

Key Person

Name: Tom Jennings

Position: Senior Consultant

“Element1 is leading the way in the use of hydrogen in UK construction plant. I believe that this work is essential for the UK construction industry to meet its net zero obligations and I am proud to take part in this project, and provide independent oversight to measure its impacts.”

Tom Jennings
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