Project Partner – GeoPura

GeoPura is decarbonising power generation through zero-emission fuels and clean power technologies to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Working with our global partners, we’re reducing emissions, improving air quality and powering net-zero around the world.

The GeoPura HPU harnesses green hydrogen to provide zero-emission electricity, augmenting the grid where the local supply is insufficient and replacing diesel generators delivering reliable, large-scale power, with the only byproduct being water.

Operating an Energy as a Service model, the GeoPura HPU makes transitioning away from traditional diesel sources effortless for off-grid, supplementary and back up applications.

Project role

As the hydrogen supply partner for the project, GeoPura will produce and deliver low-carbon green hydrogen from its Midlands-based production sites to fuel the modified construction equipment. GeoPura will provide on-site hydrogen storage, tube trailers, and MCPs to facilitate project logistics.

GeoPura has developed an off-grid refuelling solution enabling on-site gas compression up to 930 bar, supplying both the mobile bowser and static refuelling station to refuel the construction equipment. This system will be powered off-grid using the GeoPura HPU, addressing the challenge of powering refuelling stations in the early stages of construction, before a grid connection is established.

The GeoPura HPU, a hydrogen-powered generator, will also supply power to the construction site, providing EV charging as needed, supporting wider electrification goals.

Key Person

Name: Tej Chadeesingh

Position: R&D Engineer

“I’m very excited to be involved in the Element One project and to further showcase how hydrogen can be used to decarbonise construction activity. Working together with partners from across the industry, it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for construction sites, even in the early stages before a grid connection is established, decarbonising some of the most hard-to-abate elements of the industry.”

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